When we talking about Linear Light, the first conception in mind is that a luminaire lighting along with line. Base on this conception, the most representative should be the combination of aluminum profile and led strip light. The next will be Rigid led strip light, Led bar, Flexible led strip lightNeon flex tube, Linear wall-washer etc. Actually, the traditional fluorescent lamps also belong to Linear Light. As emit light in all directions where much of the light produced is lost, it have been replaced by more and more LED linear fixtures. Energy-saving and low maintenance cost is always our first consideration in lighting design, lighting producing and lighting application.

There are so many linear light types, how to choose a right linear LED light fixtures base on your different application? Here are some brief guidences .

1. Aluminum Profile + LED strip light or Rigid LED strip light : 

Linear streaks of light is a new lighting concept for fresh interpretation of spaces.  It have great advantages of plasticity over other lighting luminaire in integrating the light design concept with all installation environment perfectly. The application designed as a walk-over fitting  provides the great proof for that which creating intriguing path of lights and making the surrounding environment soft and all-enveloping. Using a subtle interplay of juxtaposed surfaces, it create a precise balanced linear emission suited for illuminating driveways and walkways.  

Moreover, linear Light is playing an increasingly vital role in office, meeting room and living room. It seems more and more lighting designer prefer linear light to former panel light. Simple , slim, modern and  space hierarchy lighting effect linear light bring to us is more than a lighting but an art work . 


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  2.LED Strip Light 

  • Bendable
  • Cuttable
  • Linkable
  • Reconnection
  • IP 20, IP65, IP67 and IP68 are available

All of these features make strip light outstanding among all the linear light types. It’s able to meet all kind of application requirement especially where need a continuous light throughout the edges and curve. Furthermore, compared with other linear lights, the price of strip light is the most competitive and its maintenance cost is also the lowest. 

As a result , it was widely used in decoration for home, super market, shopping mall, restaurant, hotel etc. 

DAYUP provides 3-5 years warranty strip light. Single color and compatiabe DMX control system type RGB, RGBW, pixel type are all for option . For more information you can check here:  http://dayup-lighting.com/product-category/flexible-led-strip-light/

 3. Neon Flex tube 

Neon flex tube is also called LED neon flexible strip light. In fact, neon flex tube is an update products and new generation of led strip light . Except having the normal features of led strip light, neon flex tube have some outstanding and irreplaceable functions: 


 1.  Seamless Dot-free Illumination: Both the PVC and Silicon Jacket provide neon flex tube Dark Dot-free light . 
 2.  Super uniform Light  provide direct view lighting effect.   
 3.  Run Length :  Neon flex tube are normally DC24V voltage , the max length can be 20m, this is very convenient for connection. 

If you have the experience of strip light installation, you will found that the emiting light of strip is not comfortable to eyes. The light is glare with dark dot. Consequently, strip was usually used by a hiden way that you are not able to see the strip directly.  On the contrary, neon flex tube are more widely applied in outdoor building emphasizing and architectural Lighting where providing a direct view.  You can see the neon flex tube directly. 

Although, the super uniform light get the designer’s favor, the considerable factor is that its higher raw cost than strip light . 

Detail information please check : http://dayup-lighting.com/product-category/led-neon-flex/

All in all, strip light and neon flex tube have become an indispensable part in our daily life. Both of them bring us special lighting experience. Which one is most suitable for you all base on which lighting effect you need and what’s your budget. Contact with us for tailored lighting solution .