Looking around, neon flex tube have been used here and there. It was widely used as signage lighting in shop , as decorative lighting at home, in office and restaurant and as a building outline emphasizing lighting in architectural .  The flexible neon flex tube have been thought as the top 10 innovation products in Luxlive . How hot it is !

Dayup Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of commercial and architectural led lighting for many years.  LED neon is always our best selling item.   Here is a brief introduction of our neon flex tube: 

A : Classify by raw material : 

Classified by raw material, neon flex tube can be : Traditional glass neon , PVC neon and quite popular Silicone led neon flex.  But we only provide UV-resistant PVC DC12V or DC24V neon flex tube and  silicone flex neon. Detail comparation among the three, please click bellow link: http://dayup-lighting.com/led-neon-flex-tube/

B : Classify by sharp  : 

 Classify by sharp, Neon Flexible tube can be  side view including Round SharpDomed sharp, Flat Mini , Supper Mini  and Top view

 1.  Round Sharp led neon flex strips 

It is easy to know it is a round sharp which is able to provide a 360 degree lighting view.  A lot of customers use it in the car and at home for decoration. 

 2.   Domed sharp Led light dmx led neon flex :

The Domed sharp neon flex tube is little different with the round sharp with  view angle 270 degree. For this sharp, both the UV resistant PVC neon flex tube and the silicone neon flex tube are for optional. For indoor usage, you are suggested to choose the  PVC type with much competitive price. If for outdoor application, we highly recommend you our silicone neon flex tube with IP68 waterproof for its better UV-resistant ability and weather-resistant. 

It can be 220v , 110v,  DC12V ,DC24V. Safety consideration, DC12V and DC24V were extensive use in projects. Single color and DMX controller compatible RGB color are for optional.  Moreover, color jackets are available. More detail information please email us at : sales@dayup-lighting.com

  3.  Flat Mini led neon sign

The size of this one is smaller than the domed sharp type. Our engineers prefer to bring a different lighting effect to user with an mysterious lighting by this type. From far way, you can only see the brightness but hard to know the lighting luminair. The most advantage of this type is that three cut intervals are for choice : 14.3cm, 7.6cm and 3.6cm. 

  4. Suppler Mini :

Supper Mini is also knew as a LED sign neon flex tube. The appearance look exactly same as the domed sharp type but with more smaller size.  This one has the same cut interval as the flat Mini.  Since the  smallest size and top flexible, LED Sign company shared great favor to this type. 

    5.  Top view :

Exactly different with the flat mini , the top view type provide the supper directly lighting effect , quite similar as the strip light. But compared with strip light , the light from neon flex is more uniform and elegant and gentle.  No dot, no dark and high brightness. 

Hope the brief introduction will help you know much better about neon flex tube, if any more information you need, please feel free to contact with us at Sales@dayup-lighting.com