As we all know, LED products has being widely applied by human being in house,supermarket, garden, building, bridge projects, etc, because of its high brightnessenergy saving and eco-friendly. T8 & T5 tube was one of the most famous lighting luminaires in commercial application, especially in supermarket.

T8 or T5

T8 or T5

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is mystery and today is present. Science and technology is changing our life every second. The more we knew about LED, the more we knew and studied about lighting and the more we changed our way of lighting design.

Check around, we are surrounded by linear light rather than LED tube already now.



What are the advantages of linear light over LED tube ?

the advantages of linear light over LED tube

A. Multi-Choice :

Linear light is the perfect combination of Aluminum profile and Strip Light.Since aluminum profile have hundreds of designs based on different shape,different size, different installation way and different emitting way. ( DAYUP Electronics Co.,Ltd is the most professional manufacturer of commercial led light. Linear light is always their best selling item as its high quality, best service and reasonable price. If need catalogue and datasheet,please kindly contact with Selina at )

aluminum profile

A1:  Long strip line

Long strip line

A2 : Round Shape and both vertical suspending and horizontal suspending are available.

360D led linear light

A3: Circle Round Shape : ( Catalogue and datasheet are available. If need more information about this type,please feel free to contact with Selina )


B. Suspendingrecessed and surface mounted all available.

Suspending, recessed and surface mounted all available


C.  Seamless Linkable

Seamless Linkable


D. Full of Magic, modern, elegant : Meet most requirement of application

Meet most requirement of application

Meet most requirement of application


E. Used as cover light ( This function is same as Tape Light )



Moreover, flexible aluminum profile is also available now. When used, it will have same function as led neon flex in indoor application. All in all, we think the replacement won’t take long time and led linear light will be used in more and more projects.

Lighting designer will try they best to provide us more and more amazing lighting design and bring us more and more special lighting experience. .

Lighten our life, Lighten our future.

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