LED Neon flex tube silicon type VS  PVC with UV-resistant type Silicon neon flex tube

LED NEON FLEX TUBE is not a new ” Phrase ” in our daily life . Recently it frequently appeared in lighting design ,architecturer light, outline emphasizing lighting and variety of led lighting magzine. But years ago , when it come to  neon flex , the first picture come to mind is the wide range of neon signs and billboards . Yes ,  it is  , glass Neon lights used to be the only option for business signage.  In a very very  long time , all of that were made of the Glass neon flex which was the first generation neon flex tube .  But very soon the glass neon flex tube was widely replaced by LED neon flex flexible strip light  .When you compare the advantages of the two, you will quickly see why more companies are moving toward LED options than traditional glass neon tubes.

LED Neon flex tube

Moreover, there’s the potential issue of mercury contamination from neon lights specially from breathing in heated mercury impregnated glass products. Neon workers have been known to contract heavy metal poisoning from frequent exposure.

While LED lights with no mercury or heavy metal poisons,  they are safer for the environment and energy-saving because they use less energy to light up.

Focus on energy-saving and eco-environment , DAYUP is always pursuing high quality and best service for consumers .  Today we highly recomend you Dayup Brand LED Neon flex tube :

  1. UV-Resistant PVC type
  2. Silicon Jacket ype

Both of the two type are  very popular in the market and gained good feedback continuously . 

What’s the difference between UV-reistant PVC and silicon material ? 

Actually both the UV-reistant PVC and Silicon LED neon flex tube are more energy -saving and enviromentally (Lead & Mercury Free) than the traditional glass neon lights. They also offer cosiderable advantages over conventional lighting and other led lighting solutions . So neon flex tube  is ideal for installations requiring low profiles or variable lengths. It can be cut at any cutting mark and used separately .  But since the different features of PVC and silicon neon flex , the two type  are applied in different condition . 

But what is the different features of the PVC and silicon , we will let you know in the next artical . 

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