14×14 LED Silicone Vertical Bending Neon Flex
  • Part No.: DP-T-NF-24V-1414
  • Size: W14xH14 (mm)
  • Input voltage: DC24V
  • Power/M: 11.5W/M-14.4W/M
  • IP grade: IP67/IP68(Optional)
  • Viewing Angle: 180°
  • Color: 2600K-5700K/R/G/B/Y/O/CCT/RGB
  • Working length: 5m/10m/15m(one end powered)
  • Warranty: Indoor 5years, Outdoor 3years
1414 led silicone neon flex-certification


  • Superior design with exquisite craftsmanship ensure stable and reliable performance
  • Unique extrusion process and Excellent flexibility for proper bending while easy to be modeling
  • Color options: Single color, and Red/Blue/Green/Yellow/Orange/ CCT/RGB
  • IP grade: molding pressed IP68 protection. Glue process end caps IP67 protection
  • UL, CE, RoHS certification, longer life span with 5 years warranty indoor, 3 years warranty outdoor
  • Multiple spec options, can be customized upon requirements


  • Building and sign outline lighting, Border lighting
  • Signage lighting, DIY design
  • Ideal for the residential and commercial use, such as kitchen, bedroom, closet, stair, shops, retails, offices etc.


Model No.DP-T-NF-24V-1414
OptionalSingle colorCCTRGB
LED QTY144pcs/m240pcs/m120pcs/m
Color2600K, 2900K 4000K, 4700K, 5700K
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange
Cuttable Length41.6mm50mm50mm
Max Run length15m10m5m
Beam angle180°
Bending DiameterΦ60mm (Vertical Bending)
IP RatingIP67/IP68(Optional)
Working Temperature-20~+60℃
Storage Temperature-20~+70℃
WarrantyIndoor 5years, Outdoor 3years

Profile Drawings


1414 led silicone neon flex-SIZE

Sectional view

Sectional view-1414

Bending Diameter

bending diameter of 1414

Top Bending

Top Bending

Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram

10x05 neon flex-Luminous Intensity Distribution Diagram

Average Illumination

1414 led silicone neon flex-LED-Average Illumination


end cap with hole

end cap with hole

end cap

end cap without hole

installation accessories


aluminum channel

Plastic clips

Application Picture

top bending-effect picture


  • All installation and connection must be conducted by professional electrician
  • DC24V class2 Power Supply must be used with this light. Make sure to use appropriate PSU
  • Ensure the overall length of the S neon type flex does not exceed the maximum run length as 5m-one end powered
  • Above-referred data is from our standard product. Please subject to your actual product data if there is difference
  • Disconnect power before installing or servicing to avoid electrical shock
  • Please refer to the product manual before installation
  • No notice for updated of this product
  • DAYUP reserve the final interpretation of the specification

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