SMD5730 Series

SMD5730 Series LED Strip Light

SMD5730 series strips use 0.5W super bright SMD5730 led chips, and the strips could reach 1800 lm/m. It meets customer’s need for high brightness.

Adopt the design of double side FPC and 3OZ rolled copper technology, to reduce the voltage drop and make sure the light consistence of led strips.

Multiple aluminum profiles is optional for solving the heat dissipation problem.

We provide full color choices, 2200-6500K white color, red, green, blue, yellow and RGB color. We promise the color consistency in different orders.

We adopt silicone glue, silicone tube, extrusion molding protection technology for waterproof led strips. Our strips are widely used for the space main lighting, auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting of indoor, funiture, advertising and commercial space.

Extensive product range and diversified product solutions can meet different needs from various customers.