Input signalPWM
Input voltageDC5V~DC24V
Max load current5A ×3CH  Max 15A
Max output power75W/180W/360W(5V/12V/24V)
Output signalCV PWM
working temperature-30℃~55℃
Package SizeL123×W42×H42(mm)
Weight (G.W)100g


DP-3060 CV Power Repeater

LED power repeater is suitable for all of our company’s power-output style controller’s power expansion, it accepts PWM control, the control quantity of led lights would be twice as much by adding one more power repeater, unlimited quantity of power repeater to be connected theoretically.

Product Size:

DP-3060 CV Power Repeater





Wiring Diagram:

12V lamp connected, loads 0-180W(12V)

24V lamp connected, loads 0-360W(24V)


how to connect the led to power supply













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