RGB Controller DP-3600RF

Input voltageDC12V~DC24V
Max current load6A/CH x3 Max18A
Max output power216W/432W(12V/24V)
Scale levels4096×4096×4096
Control button8 Press buttons
Function Mode32 modes
Remote control distance100m
Radio Frequency Range433.92MHz
RF Remote Output Power8mW
working temperature-30℃~55℃
Package SizeL313×W50×H32(mm)
Weight (G.W)230g


RGB LED controller

Platinum Series-Multi function LED Controller

Platinum series LED controller is a universal RGB controller for entire color changing, which adopted the most advanced PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation) controlling technology at present. PC engineering plastic panel with T-Touch/soft-touch function button and exquisite appearance. Widely controlled for RGB full color LED module, LED strip,LED SMD tape and all resistance of the current limit LED lighting products.

Performance Features

1、Automatically adapt to LED light which works from DC5V-24V or DC12V-24V.
2、4096 levels of grey scale per RGB, even & smooth for color gradual changes, without any flashes.
3、16/32 fantastic modes such as color smooth , color skipping, horserace, strobe, etc.
4、Can stop at static single color, speed & brightness adjustable at pause status.
5、Working with power repeater to expand power output unlimitedly.

DP-3600RF is a multi-functional RGB LED controller, use the advanced PWM (Pu se-Width Modulation) control technique, built-in 32 kinds of changing mode. Smooth changing effect without flicker; PC engineering plastic shell, exquisite appearance. The receiver has 8 keys, which are used for namely ON/OFF, PAUSE, MODE+/-, SPEED+/-, BRT+/-, compatible with RF remote (100m control distance).

12~24V DC wide voltage input, 3CH output (common anode), widely used for all kinds of LEDs with current-limiting resistor, like RGB LED modules, LED strips, SMD and so on.

Detailed Key Functions

8 function keys on the receiver, which is corresponding to the first 8 buttons on the RF remote:


Other Functions:

A. Press PAUSE in 3s, the buzzer can be on or off.
B. Press MODE+ for 3s to auto loop play all the modes.
C. Press MODE- for 3s to 4 scene modes. merely play  the changing modes, the static color will be skipped.
D. Press SPEED+ for 3s, all speed change is restored to default status.  
E. Press SPEED- for 3s, the current change is restored to default status.  




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