SMD2835 Tape Light High Efficacy

Input Voltage24 VDC
LED TypeSMD2835
PCB Width28mm
Cuttable Length18.5mm
Max Run Length4m



SMD2835 Tape Light High Efficacy 432LEDs 38.88W DC24V

Dayup Brand tape light 2835  high efficiency series is the true meaning of energy saving with 130-140 lm output per watt.  The most reliable Epistar Chip with SCDM < 3  and 3oz  copper thickness FPC are applied. 

Firstly, we provide full color choices :  2200-6500K white color, red, green, blue, yellow and RGB color.

Secondly,  we promise the color consistency in different orders as one Bin lighting sourcing was used in our company.

Thirdly,  IP20 / IP65 / IP67 / IP68 are for options.

Because of the advantages of high brightness and low cost,  our strips are widely used for the space main lighting, auxiliary lighting and decorative lighting of indoor, furniture, advertising and commercial space.
In conclusion, Extensive product range and diversified product solutions can meet different needs from various of customers.


Basic Specification

  • Super bright 2835 SMD LED, Epistar chips, 432pcs/m, LM-80 tested
  • Superior and heat-resistant 28mm PCB
  • Up to 130lm/w high efficiency solution
  • Ra90+/80+, with high R9 and R13 values
  • Wide color temperature range, one bin only for one CCT
  • 3M double sided tape for easy installation
  • IP22, IP65, IP67 and IP68 are available
  • 5 years warranty


Available Color




SMD2835 Tape Light High Efficacy 432LEDs 38.88W DC24V



SMD2835 Tape Light High Efficacy



  • Architectural decoration lighting for home, hotel, marketplace, bars etc
  • Backlight or edge lighting for signage, DIY lights for home use
  • Path and contour marking
  • Decorative lights for holiday, event, show, and exhibition
  • Use for linear light, furniture lighting, outdoor lighting, indirect lighting,box


SMD2835 Tape Light High Efficacy 432LEDs 38.88W DC24V

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Dayup’s LED Tape Light has been one of the leading suppliers of high power LED lighting in China.

Our products :  Flexible LED Strip light, LED Panel Light, LED downlight, LED Linear Light, LED Neon flex, LED Aluminum Profile, LED Controller, LED Power Supply.

Why Us

As a leading manufacturer, Dayup LED products are exclusively developed and manufactured to meet local and international standards.

Dayup’s range of lighting integrates energy-saving , Eco-friendly ,decoration and many other innovative features. All products undergo rigorous testing during the development and manufacturing process and before leaving the factories.

With clear marketing orientation, sustained technical innovation and internationally-updated management philosophy, Dayup has built a good reputation at home and abroad with top quality products , advanced lighting solution and cheerful after-sales service .




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